FAQ's - gusaphotos


How do we find our photos?

     - Photo galleries are categorized by Folders which are the different programs that GUSA has available.
     - Click on the program that your player participates in and choose the year that you are looking photos from.
     - At this point you should be able to see that photo galleries are categorized by dates and named accordingly.
     - Feel free to ask for help via the contact us form.

How do I get a photo on a cart?

     - When are you are ready to add a photo to your cart, choose the photo that you would like to add and located at the top right side above the photo proof you will be the BUY button with a small shopping cart image (NEXT TO IT IS THE SLIDESHOW BUTTON). Click on it and drop down menu will appear.
     - You can select to choose 1 photo at a time By selecting “THIS PHOTO” or select multiple photos by selecting “PHOTOS FROM THIS GALLERY”
     - Once you have selected the photo or photos, just follow the steps to complete checkout.

How do we order posters or personalized designs?
     - For now email your orders to gusaphotos@gmail.com and we will begin the process for your poster order.

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